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Tips on Staying Flu Free!

October 21, 2019

Read below for 5 tips on how to stay healthy & flu free as we approach the winter season!

  • Stay Warm – When the air outside gets colder, it gets a lot drier. The dry air dries out the membranes of the nose which is bad for the mucous membranes, which need moisture to trap invading microbes and protect us from them. Be sure to wear a scarf and protect your face from the harsh wind and dry air. Humidifers are also great to have in the home as they help moisten the air making the flu virus particles less likely to be airborne.
  • Exercise – Maintaining an exercise routine will help boost your immune system. The increased circulation that you get from excercising makes white blood cells move around the body which helps fight off infections. Join Walden for a free FALLS PREVENTION program, AQUA FIT or YOGA and boost your immune system today!
  • Sleep – Getting the proper amount of sleep each night will help build your immune system and keep your body healthy. If your body is not well rested then you are more susceptible to viruses. Having trouble sleeping? An old wive’s tale is drinking a glass of warm milk. But recent studies show we are more likely to get a full night of rest if we go to sleep at least 1 hour or more before our ‘usual’. This allows the mind to be less anxious and ‘determined’ to drift away. A good read, or a podcast could also do the trick. Find what works best for you!
  • Watch your Hands! – You shake hands when you meet someone. You eat with your hands depending on what the meal is. Throughout the day you may need to scratch your nose and rub your eyes. Think about it – you’re constantly using your hands. Keep in mind the potential germs that you are contracting during your every day habits. Be diligent and try to wash your hands!  Sanitizer is great, but cannot be used multiple times a day repeatedly. Sanitizer should only be used as a one off when you are unable to get to a sink and need to disinfect asap. Naturally, washing your hands more often will cause your skin to dry, be sure to use Hypoallergenic lotions that are mild and scent free to keep your skin from unwanted itchiness.
  • Flu Vaccine – Be sure to protect yourself by getting your shot!

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