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Spring is in the Air

April 15, 2019

On a beautiful Thursday afternoon, our Walden residents enjoyed an interactive floral workshop with instructor, Jackie Kulach. Jackie led the lovely group of ladies to plant their bulbs, shared the history of Daffodils, and wonderful tips/tricks on how to tend for their new indoor plant. The group added their own personal touch by adding colourful ribbons, and accessories. Take a look below at a captured moment, and be surescroll to learn some fun facts about Daffodils!

Fun Facts:

  1. If you hear someone in England mention “Lent Lilies” — they’re talking about daffodils!
  2. Gifting a bouquet of daffodils is believed to bring happiness to the recipient, however…legend has it that presenting only a single daffodil means bad luck may be on the horizon!
  3. The Daffodil is the national flower of Wales!
  4. And if you spot the first daffodil of the season in Wales, your next year will supposedly be filled with wealth!
  5. They’re the official 10th wedding anniversary flower.
  6. Daffodils were symbol of chivalry during Victorian times. They are symbol of hope today.
  7. Due to toxic sap in the stem, daffodil should not be kept in the vase with other plants (it is harmful for them)
  8. The daffodil is the symbol behind the Canadian Cancer Society. It represents resilience as it it survives our harsh winters and is the first flower to bloom in the spring – a time of renewal and hope. The daffodil is a symbol of strength, courage and life.

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