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Up close and personal with Kerri Sharp, Executive Director!

May 23, 2018

Walden Circle Retirement Community Celebrates 5th Anniversary!!!

1- What makes Walden Circle so special?
The people! The staff, the residents & their families make all the difference at Walden. We are truly a family and look out for each other.

2- What are some of your favourite highlights over the last 5 years?
I loved the pre-opening chaos and working out of the trailer. I loved coming into the building to see all the progress. The day the furniture and décor arrived was SO fun. It was amazing to see the organization and buzz. I loved our first week with employees, May 1, 2013 everyone arrived so eager to learn and get to know one another. Our Founders Club event was really amazing – Chef Paul created a 50’s themed menu, we had 50’s celeb impersonators and entertainment, the staff were wearing poodle skirts…it was a memorable event. Town Hall meetings, staff meetings, staff parties!!! Our Christmas Murder Mystery the “Ho-Ho-Homicide” was amazing! I also have a million funny stories – my dad says I should write a book!

3- How has Walden Circle impacted the Clarkson Community?
Walden has embraced the community and vice versa. We promote local businesses, we support events, we welcome visitors, we have provided jobs!

4- What are you most proud of regarding Walden Circle?
I am very proud to be full, but I am most proud of the amazing team we’ve built and continue to grow and the dedication of the team.

5- What one food do you wish had zero calories?
Potato chips! (and Pasta)

6- What is your big dream for Walden for the future?
Continued success, leading the change and setting the standard for Retirement Living in Mississauga.

7- Describe what Walden Circle means to you on a professional and a personal level? Professionally Walden Circle has been a milestone for me, to successfully open a brand new building. It will always be my baby. Personally Walden has been my home away from home for 5 years! I’ve forged friendships that will last a lifetime. It is going to be very tough to move on.

8- Would you rather be a tiny elephant or a giant hamster?
Elephant…they have a good memory.

9- What’s it like to work at Walden Circle?
Beyond rewarding, and fun!

10- What has brought you the most joy?
Meeting so many amazing, smart, challenging, funny, loyal people. Granting so many amazing wishes – big and small – but my favourites were Lily G’s Edge Walk and Kay W’s “Best Exotic Marigold Hotel” day – one of the dining staff brought in traditional Indian dresses for staff to wear and they looked beautiful!

11- What are 3 words that describe Walden Circle?
Beautiful, successful, family

12- What’s the biggest accomplishment that has happened at Walden?
Really it’s two-fold: 1) hiring an amazing team, and 2) reaching occupancy goals and staying there!

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