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Visit to Brueckner Rhododendron

August 12, 2019

Accompanied by our Director of Recreation, our residents at Walden Circle enjoyed a beautiful sunny day at Brueckner Rhododendron Park for a scenic walk in Port Credit, Mississauga.

Situated on the north shore of Lake Ontario, the unique microclimate and massive white pines of the Garden nourish and shelter the rhododendrons which were generously donated by the late Dr. Joseph Brueckner.

Dr. Brueckner was an acknowledged expert on rhododendrons and a recognized hybridizer. His hybrids are still in propagation and are valued plants in North America and several European countries as well as England’s famous Exbury Gardens. When Dr. Brueckner donated over 800 azaleas and rhododendrons from his private collection, he included the species and cultivars that form a rare collection in the Garden.

The woodland garden setting has been designed to highlight the beauty of the rhododendron/azalea display, and to integrate companion perennials and shrubs in order to provide a four-season garden presence.

Take a look below for some captured moments:

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